Tips for Preventing Wind Damage to Your Home

Owning a home that is highly susceptible to wind damage puts you and your family at risk. Dealing with an injury or the financial burden of a deteriorating house is a difficult weight to carry. Because of this, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to prevent it from occurring. Here are some tips for preventing wind damage to your home.

Clear the Area of any Debris

Except for extreme cases, wind by itself is not all that dangerous to your home. The trouble comes when it blows any surrounding debris into the side of your house. Things such as rotting trees, branches, or even gravel can destroy your property if you are not careful. Removing these items from the area is an excellent way to nip any future problems in the bud.

You may be hesitant to do this as removing trees from a property consumes both time and money; however, leaving it and putting your home at risk create the possibility of a bigger problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to recognize this and end up dealing with the expensive damages left behind by the tree’s limbs.

Reinforce the Different Areas of Your Home

  • Windows

Storm shutters are an addition that you can add to your home’s windows to increase their durability. This added resistance protects your home and the people living inside it from wind-borne debris. On top of storm shutters, you have the additional option of adding shatter-resistant film or high- impact glass to your windows.

  • Doors

Your doors are another area of your home that can easily succumb to wind pressure. Reinforcing these with a heavy-duty deadbolt, stronger hinge attachments, and slide bolts can drastically reduce the chances of their destruction.

  • Roof

Your roof is one of the most important defenses when it comes to a wind storm. Fortifying it and taking care of any loose shingles is one way to keep your roof prepared for high winds. Another option is to change out your regular shingles altogether for impact-resistant shingles.

Seal Gaps in Your Home

Sealing off the gaps and cracks in your home removes its vulnerability. These entry points allow wind and water to enter you home, creating many other issues. Resealing the areas around your windows and doors with caulk will help prevent flooding and mold issues exacerbated by winds.

What is our mission?

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