The Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Preparedness in 2021

This past month, hurricane Elsa barreled down on us in what NOAA predicts to be an especially active hurricane season. Hurricane preparedness is essential in the beautiful sunshine state and we want to help every Floridian ride out the storm safely. Here’s how to protect you and your family.

Prepare Your Home

Getting your house ready for the damaging rains and winds is essential. Make sure to board all windows up, don’t rely on duct tape. Duct tape will not prevent the glass from breaking ( a common misconception).

If you’re sheltering in your home, stay away from windows to avoid shattered glass and injury. On the same note, be sure to bring in all trash cans and loose furniture that could blow around.

Food & Water

We all need food. With power outages, you may not be able to cook or access a grocery store, so you should have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food items. Basically, any food comes in a can or a box, like those Campbell soups we all ate as children.

Water is critical. The water from your tap may not be safe to use during or after a storm. A general rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person per day. Not drinking enough water makes you dehydrated and could potentially land you in the hospital. Make sure to have access to plenty of fluids.

Medications and First Aid Kits

There’s a lot of chaos when you’re trying to get ready for the worst of mother nature. But if you or a loved one has a chronic condition like diabetes, HIV, or cancer, make sure to have enough medication available if you have to evacuate. Depending on the severity of the damage, it could be a while before you’re able to fill your prescription, so make sure you have an adequate supply on hand.

Also, have a first aid kit ready to go. Sometimes, despite doing everything right, you or a loved one may become injured. These kits are easy to find, well-stocked, and not expensive at all (we found one at Walmart for less than $5).

Don’t Forget Your Pets

When it comes to hurricane season, don’t forget about Fido! If you have a dog, cat, or feathered companion, you need to get them ready when disaster strikes. After all, we know your pets are a central part of your family.

What you need can vary based on whether your best friend has feathers or fur. Generally, you want to make sure they have a week’s worth of food, a pet carrier, a leash, bottled water, any medications they need, vaccination records, and a blanket. Make a note of pet-friendly shelters or hotels if you have to evacuate.

Also, while we all hope it never happens, be sure to have a recent photo and consider getting your pet microchipped in case of separation.

Hurricane season is upon us, and we all need to take it seriously. By taking the time to create a proper emergency preparedness kit, Floridians can ride out the storms safely.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Hurricane or storm damage to your dream home or business is stressful. The last thing you need to worry about is navigating the insurance claim. At DRMG, we’ll guide you through the process from start to finish, with evaluations and reports to get you maximum compensation and the peace of mind you deserve.