What to Look for in a Professional Storm Damage Assessor

If your home suffers damage either from a storm, tornado, or hurricane then the first thing you should do is schedule a storm damage assessment with a professional. In order to get the best service possible, this is what to look for in a professional storm damage assessor.

What does a Storm Damage Assessor do?

In short, a professional assessment helps you get an idea of what long-term damage your home has received along with the necessary repairs required to fix it. They can also educate you on any potential health risks that might result from the damage you’ve sustained.

The inspector also determines the cause of the damage to the home. For example, if your home has already greatly deteriorated and was ready to fall over before the storm then the assessment will take prior condition of the property into consideration.

What You Should Look For


  • Good Reviews

Much like everything else, if you want a good idea of how helpful a damage assessor will be then you should look at people’s past experiences with them. Simply put, if someone doesn’t have good reviews then don’t hire them. On the other hand, don’t let one or two bad reviews stop you from hiring someone if the majority of customers have had a good experience. There are times that customers will base their experience on how their insurance company handled the claim rather than the honesty and professionalism of the damage assessor.

  • Fair Prices

Since you’ll be paying someone that means that you’ll probably be looking for a damage inspector who comes at a fair price. Keep in mind that even though you must pay the cost of hiring an assessor, ultimately you could recoup that cost from your insurance company. 

  • Find One that Works with Your Insurance

Storm damage assessors will often work with your insurance company to help file claims quickly and easily. Depending on how many other people happen to be affected by the storm contacting your insurance company can take time so having that headstart that comes with hiring a professional comes in handy. 

What is Our Mission?

Disaster Management Recovery Group is here to assess your storm damage and determine the next step. If you need a roofing evaluation or have suffered exterior damage due to storms or other natural disasters, contact us and schedule a storm damage evaluation and start on the road to recovery.