What is the Lifespan of Your Roof?

As your home gets older, you will naturally need to address the deterioration that occurs over time. As the building gets damaged, you will have small and big projects you will need to address. With that being said, no project is a bigger task than replacing a roof. Because of this, many homeowners put off the upkeep of their roof due to the money and time that is required to replace it. So what is the lifespan of your roof? Let us go over how you can maximize your roof’s time limit in order to get the most bang for your buck. 

How often should you replace your roof?

As you may have been able to guess, it’s generally going to take a long time before you need to replace your roof. Copper, tile, and slate roofs can last as long as 50 years. On the other hand, the more commonly used wood and asphalt roofs can last you 20-30 years. This estimate can, of course, vary depending on outside factors. For example, if a tree were to fall on your roof or if it experiences water damage, you may have to replace it a lot earlier. 

Things that Diminish Your Roof’s Lifespan

As mentioned before, outside elements play a big part in diminishing the lifespan of a home’s roof. If you live in an area where strong winds are commonplace, then you’re going to have to worry about your roof more than most homeowners. If you want to extend your roof’s lifespan, then you are going to need to perform upkeep on it. Addressing leaks and cracks as soon as they form will nip any big problems in the bud. 

How expensive is a new roof?

The cost of a roof varies depending on where you live and what materials you are using. The more expensive materials provide a longer lifespan but can run you thousands of dollars more than what’s considered standard. With that being said, depending on what you are looking for, that may be an investment that is worth it.

Most roofs cost around $5,000-$10,000 to replace. This is a pricy investment for most people; however, replacing it before it starts falling apart will prevent any damage from extending to the rest of your house. Another perk that comes with replacing your roof is the increased home value that comes with it. Places with a fresh new roof sell for a lot more than homes with a roof at the end of its lifespan. 

What is our mission?

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