What to do if you need Emergency Storm Restoration

Storm damage is an unpredictable issue that people all over the world encounter every day. Because of this, it’s imperative that you have a storm restoration plan if you have or ever encounter it in the future. Knowing how you’re going to deal with the problem at hand can help ease you and your family’s worries about the future. Here’s what you need to do in order to get your life back to normal after encountering storm damage.

Identify the Severity of the Damage

Before you start hiring people to take care of the restoration process it’s important to get a few steps out of the way first. It’s understandable that you’re in a hurry to fix things but failing to identify the damage and the severity of it can lead to you paying for repairs you didn’t need. Once you’re sure that it’s safe to inspect the situation you need to determine what is considered storm damage and what isn’t. Hiring a trusted professional to assess the situation can help you decide on what the best course of action is going forward. If you can, you should also try to provide pictures of the damage before anything is moved around so you can prove to your insurance what happened. 

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Upon receiving a damage assessment you should call your insurance company so you can make a claim regarding the situation. You should be thorough when providing the details of your home or business’s deterioration due to the weather. Different types of damages are covered in different ways. Whether or not the building is suffering from wind damage, water damage, or falling debris can change the situation. If your building had problems beforehand then that could change things as well. Your homeowner’s insurance provider should instruct you on what to do next along with putting you in touch with some emergency restoration companies.

Working with a Restoration Company

When hiring a restoration company it’s important to do your research into them beforehand. You don’t want a crew working on your home or business who is planning to cut corners or overlook the small details. Carelessness can lead to more repairs down the road so you make sure that before you hire a business you look at its reviews and company policy. You also need to know who’s going to be where and when so you don’t encounter any scheduling conflicts. 

What is Our Mission?

Disaster Management Recovery Group is here to assess your storm damage and determine the next step. If you need a roofing evaluation or have suffered exterior damage due to storms or other natural disasters, contact us and schedule a storm damage evaluation and start on the road to recovery.